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Yellow SUV Stalkers' Journal
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Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
2:36 pm
Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
2:02 pm
So youcallhersusie and I have this game. When one of us spots a yellow SUV that means we get to pinch the other person wherever we want to and however hard we want to. puahslove also plays sometimes as well as my son.

But the victim has to see the yellow SUV as well or it doesn't count.

It's changed my entire outlook on life. Instead of panicing in fear when I see one - it's a fun thing.
Friday, June 20th, 2003
9:14 pm
to the furthest mountains
Followed us all the way to Bastrop...sheesh...Trying to get away and do some peaceful camping...WHY!?!

Current Mood: shocked
4:59 pm
omg, today at a certain parking lot. i parked at one side of the lot and saw one of those truck to suv and vice versa type deals parked behind me. the license plate was from idaho. afterwards me and my sister left the store and lot to pick up my mom and go back to the store but at the opposite side of the parking lot, it's about 20 aisles worth of parking lot. and of course, as you might've guessed, there was the exact same yellow suv parked behind me, with the same idaho plate. :-/
Sunday, May 4th, 2003
10:38 pm
shopping yellow suvs
Arg, I've been seeing the yellow SUV so much lately! Everywhere I go without fail. I've been working at Lakeline Mall the past two days and I saw it both days speed by me as if it were trying to beat me there...

Then, at Barton Creek I saw it in the parking lot when I got out of my car only a few spaces away!!

Current Mood: scared
Monday, April 21st, 2003
2:57 pm
been gone a long time...
So, I haven't been around in awhile but I am back now and I have a pic of the yellow suv that I see at UT, waiting for me, everyday walking to school...

Current Mood: distressed
Monday, March 10th, 2003
1:04 pm
my god it was following me...there's nothing more disturbing to look in the rearview and see that i'm being tailgaited by a yellow SUV.

Current Mood: distressed
Tuesday, February 25th, 2003
12:27 pm
This was waiting outside when we got out of Emo's after the Hot Rod Circuit concert last Friday on 6th Street. I think they saw us take their picture

Current Mood: scared
Tuesday, February 11th, 2003
11:31 pm
holy cow!
So Elissa had mega guts after the All-American Rejects concert...good thing we got out of there early (and fast)

Current Mood: relieved
Thursday, February 6th, 2003
4:11 pm
Just remembered...
Me and Lacey went for a ride in her eclipse last week I think and we saw it in the Albertson's parking lot...so I courageously got out of the car to take a picture of it parked a few spaces down and none of the pictures would work! It was just black (it was night time but I did have the flash on...) I tried 3 times but then these ppl came out and I didn't want them to get too suspicious and tell on me...
10:57 am
oh, the horror...

Saturday, January 25th, 2003
10:59 am
dun dun dun
last night at around 10 pm, i saw one on the freeway alongside me... strangely it took the same exit as i, and it took the same right turn. fuh-reaky =-o

Current Mood: crazy
Friday, January 24th, 2003
1:55 pm
I saw it twice going S. on Mopac at about 10:15am near the Enfield Rd. exit. I was going north. I think it was circling me 0_0!!

Current Mood: worried
Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003
8:15 pm
Yellow SUV commercial
Uh, I dunno if y'all have seen this but um, here's some quotes from the yellow suv commercial:

"...when you need to get anywhere in a moment's notice..."

"...or make a quick gettaway..."


Current Mood: scared
10:21 am
My God... we were in Margot's car driving to the Finch concert last night and we passed by the Target on 35... I was peering out the window and looking at the parking lot, because I had a gut feeling that something was about to happen. There were not one, but TWO yellow SUVs sitting in the parking lot... one on each side of it. I was totally freaking out... but if they followed us, I didn't know. traffic was really bad last night. Took us almost an hour to get to Emo's.

Current Mood: confused
Tuesday, January 21st, 2003
7:45 pm
mad sqwee-ing!
It grows closer! The horrors! I spotted the yellow suv parked in downtown Buda today after school, right in front of Buda Grocery. Hurgh! How awful!


Current Mood: scared
Monday, January 20th, 2003
7:38 pm
Four times! Augh!
I saw the trechearous yellow suv a total of four times today! First when we were ong IH-35, and it was merging, but my friend floored it and we went too fast for the sucker to cathc up. But no! It's had a devious plan up its sleeve! It somehow managed to sneak by us and appeared in front of us about ten mintues later down the road. Evil thing! Ruin my shopping fun!

Then, we were on the way back from Highland Mall and I saw it parked at Austin Java Co. on Lamar! And when we got back to Barton Creek, I thought I was safe... until an hour later, after I had finished shopping I walked out to discover it was parked directly in front of my car! Right in front of it! The terror!


Current Mood: artistic
Sunday, January 19th, 2003
4:23 am
Last night me and my uncle were crossing the street going to Saba and there were no cars coming but when we got to the other lane a yellow suv pulled around the corner and started speeding towards us!! luckily we got away in time but man...that was some scary shit fo shizzle yo!

then today I saw it on my way to pick up Elissa around 2:15 going South IH35. Then, we saw it again on our way out of the mall at about 5:00 or so...damn.

Current Mood: drained
Thursday, January 16th, 2003
5:19 pm
I saw it! The evil bastard has appeared in Buda! I was driving home from school and it was three cars ahead of me, turning left. Now it knows where I go to school! NOOO!

By the way, I was turning onto 1626 from FM 2770 (Jack C. Hays Trail) heading home, but more likely than not you don't know where that is, seeing as we live in LE MIDDLE OF FREAKING NOWHERE, not really, but almost. We have cows across the street from our school. ::nods::

That is all.


And here's something for blatant advertisement, my friend showed me this website and it is mucho hilariouso, and also very funny. Do check it out, you might be amused. Not dirty, either.


Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, January 15th, 2003
7:53 pm
auuugh eeeep
Ok, so I was driving down N. Mopac, and you know how there's that bridge above it just before the Cap of TX Hwy exit (like how you get to the mall)? Well, I saw it on that bridge on my way to UT this morning. Dude, I don't even know how to get on that bridge!!! It was so freaky and I was stuck in traffic, man s/he coulda just jumped over onto my car at any moment!

Current Mood: scared
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